Synthetic Urine Uses

Synthetic urine is what the name suggests. It's artificially manufactured that is basically a combination of organic as well as inorganic components similar to phosphates, sulfates, urea, chloride and creatinine. This is intended mainly for laboratory applications. Despite the fact that it is stimulating all chemical and physical properties of human urine, you have to know that it has great benefits like the absence of any type of waste. Therefore, it could be used in places to which urine can't be used as a result of hygiene threat and infectious disease.

There are many different uses of synthetic urine and these include but not limited to the following:

Equipment calibration - basically, the primary purpose of using synthetic urine is for the calibration of various urine testing equipment. Human urines will not fit for this purpose as its composition greatly varies due to a number of factors.

Education - students are consistently trained to carry out urinalysis tests and clinical experiments using fake urine.

Science - likewise, this is used for varieties of scientific purposes. Read more great facts on  Whizzinator Touch, click here. 

Diaper testing - this is at the same time how diapers are being manufactured. Manufacturers are using it for testing the quality of products they sell in the market.

Testing cleaning agents - indeed, this is very popular amongst marketers and salesman as they are using it for demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning agents they're selling to the market. These include cleaning agents for carpets as well as furniture.

Alternative medicine - keep in mind thought that this isn't recommended for internal use. However, for those who find using real urines for therapy in alternative medicine or for other cosmetic purposes disgusting, such product could serve the perfect substitute.

Passing drug tests - it's true that this sort of product is used by countless of people to pass drug tests. Truth is, this is one of the most common applications for such product. It could be used for substituting the real one as it doesn't contain pieces of evidence after drug use. Hence, this delivers a 100 percent guarantee of getting a negative result.

Nowadays, it is harder to detect fraud no matter how trained the lab staff is. Be mindful that latest formulas of frequently used products imitate real human urines. Not only that, both carries the same appearance and composition. Though authorities allocate a big part of their budget to fight such, they are not always successful. So if you wish to pass a urine test, then getting your hands on synthetic urine is going to be a good idea.